Our Mission

At Harmonic Light, Our Goal is to create an image that makes you say WOW! To translate your personality, tastes, and Style into a work of art. To Create a Depiction of YOU that is 100% Real and 1000% Unique. We conjure a Compressed Slice of UnEdited time into a portrait that lives and breathes magic!! 

But HOW!? With lights of course! Our images are created in REAL life with REAL lights, Normally In under a minute! We start by asking our subject a few questions to get a feel for their personality and tastes, Then we ask them to pick a position that represents who they are, A position that exudes their personality. When they're done choosing their position we jump into action! While they are frozen still we create a scene of color, lights, and magic all around them using a HUGE Collection of Lights, Lasers, Leds, and One-of-A-Kind tools created specifically for what we do!
Just one minute later the process is complete, The subject can relax and take a look at their image right away on a Super High resolution screen! 
Our Images are completely untouched by Photoshop or any other image editing software, No filters, No tricks, No CGI, 100% Unedited Photographic Art. 
But WHERE?! We travel all over the place covering Events, Festivals, Parties, Massives, WEDDINGS, And SO much more!
We Also shoot Portraits, Product Photography, and Commercial work in our Blackout studio in Los Angeles, Ca
We LOVE what we do And we KNOW you will too! We Offer a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE on our work! Just tell us what your looking for and we can make it REAL! 


Reid Godshaw


Harmonic Light Inc. 

Interested in booking Harmonic Light? E-mail us at LightHarmonics@gmail.com Or Checkout Our Contact Info Or Just FILL OUT THIS FORM!

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