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We create 100% UnEdited Long-Exposure Photographic Art at Parties, Events, Festivals, Weddings, and More all over the US!

It takes just 60 Seconds to create each image for your guests!

Want to know more? Need to Check our availability for an event? Need a quote? Want to Find out if your wildest dreams of photography are possible? Want to schedule a shoot in our blackout-studio in Los Angeles?

Have a "right-now" Question for us? Give us a call at 818 925 2471

Email us At LightHarmonics@gmail.com

OR Just fill out this form and get us a message and we will get back to you in most cases In anywhere from 30 seconds - 48 hours

We do cover charity events!
Please contact us if you have a cause you would like us to contribute our services to we would be glad to do what we can to help!